Ta Da!

I’m happy to write that I published my first novel and that it is now available on amazon!



I’ve been working on “The Lilly Stars” for more years than I’d like to admit (maybe 6 or 7, sigh). Every new year’s eve, when my family would say their resolutions, I’d say mine….”To finally publish my book.”

Well this year I’ll have to come up with another (I can think a few right now- start writing the next book in the series- stop eating your daughters halloween candy- sleep more instead of googling Outlander show info-  ect…)

When my book came in the mail, I literally jumped for joy. I was eight years old again, holding an item in my hand like it was the barbie I pined for all year. I pulled apart the box and held my book in amazement. My dream had become an actual real object. I no longer had to envision would it would look like…I had it in my hands. I touched the cover, tracing the images with my fingers. I flipped through all the pages and even smelled them.

Oh happy day!!



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